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Francesco De Giorgio | Clinic in Spain

El caballo, tal y como es él

Horses and Human organize in Spain

a Clinic with Francesco De Giorgio


Explore how to preserve or recover ‘the horse as he or she is’ taking in account equine subjectivity, cognition and ethics, in the daily coexistence between horses and humans.

Key Words

  • Equine Socio-Cognition
  • Ethics and Quality of Life
  • Equine-Human Relationship

Francesco De Giorgio

Biologist and passionate speaker about animal ethics, ethology, cognition and zooanthropology, Francesco is a human animal who works with his head and his heart and his hands, integrating scientific knowledge into ethical daily practice.

His motto is: ”Be there without being there”.

Here the complete English Brochure of the Clinic in Spain, next 9-10 April 2016

For information: Horses and Human | Rafa Caparrós

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